Is your sex life lacking? Does that spark you once had feel dull and faded? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people all around the world are in sexually frustrating relationships. You’re not quite sure when it happened, or why, but it did. Instead of those late night steamy hot sex sessions, you now both watch t.v. or go straight to bed. Common excuses are becoming habitual. Phrases such as “I’m tired”, “I’m too full”, “long day at work”, “not in the mood”, “too stressed”, or any number of other excuses. It may be just one of you, or it may be both. No matter the issue, we are here to help you solve it amicably.

Here is our list, of the top 5 things you can do to improve your sex life fast!

1. Stop Doing it With the Lights Off

Studies have shown that people who can comfortably have sex in the light are happier, more confident, and have better sex. It’s all about feeling good about your body, being confident in how you look. No one’s perfect, everyone is going to have some hairs, scars, or unsightly spots on their body. It’s part of being human. Instead of feeling bad about it try and focus on the positives. Understand that you’re not the only person in the world with this issue, everyone shares the same problems.

2. Change Your Routine

Nothing kills passion faster than a simple, boring routine. Spice things up by being spontaneous. Take your significant other out on a hot date night. Try a new restaurant, order something you never have before. Go see a horror flick together. Take dancing lessons or try out tennis. There are so many different things you can try. Be creative and think outside the box. Who knows, you guys might even find an activity you really enjoy.

3. Add Sex Toys

One of my personal favorites. If you aren’t adding sex toys to your bedroom acrobatics you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Reach orgasm faster, harder, and with more intensity. The first time a woman has a vaginal and clitoris orgasm at the same time is a life changer. For men, you can enhance orgasms with a prostate massage.

4. Workout/Be Healthy


Having a healthy body is a quick and good way of increasing your sexual relationships. Studies have shown that having a healthy body increases libido and sexual attraction. So not only will you feel and look better, you’ll be having more sex too. Really can’t go wrong with this approach.

5. Communicate

More than anything else, communication is key in a relationship. Without communication, you’re lost. Not only will your sex life suffer but it will eventually seep into every other aspect of your lives. Eventually leaving you with a shattered relationship. Worse yet, leave you bitter and hating each other.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope you’ve found some wisdom in our words. Good luck and good night yall.