Mother Knows Sex will premiere on Super Bowl Sunday at 10:00 P.M. on TLC. Mother knows sex will give viewers a closer look on how Patty Brisben and her family struggled with their sex toy store called Pure Romance. The sex toys that Pure Romance sells helps educate woman and to feel more secure, confident, and enjoy sex more with their partners without feeling embarrassed by the idea of sex toys. Pure Romance has become one of the fastest growing sales Company who sells sex toys and offers home parties. Who is Patty Brisben? Patty is a Mother of 4, owner of sex store, a devoted churchgoer, wrote a book called “Pure Romance Between The Sheets”, and had no experience running a business. So it just goes to show you anyone’s dreams can come true. Patty had to run Pure Romance without her husband by her side for support. Her husband thought she was very depressed when he heard she wanted to start having sex parties in her home. He told her that she needed to take some medication for her depression, but thankfully Patty went on with her heart and started to gain more information from sex books, and sex kits to help her friends and neighbors in the area with their sex questions. This was basically like having home sex educated parties in the comfort of your own home.
Gaining all the information from books, and people Patty decided to take it to another level. She ended up buying the rest of the sex kits from Company who was closing. She saw these sex kits on the Phil Donahue show and decided why not give this a shot. Patty only had 7,000 dollars left to her when her husband left her so she invested 3,000 of it and bought the remaining kits left. With all the kits now Patty was running Pure Romance in her basement. This sex toy CO owner was now having a huge success by believing in herself and doing what she wanted to do. Pure Romance started back in 1993 and today the Company is a huge hit. Believe it or not Patty even has her ex-husband working for her along with her kids.

I feel the TLC show Mother Knows Sex will definitely be a huge hit. Not because it’s about sex, but because it will help women feel more secure, and teach families how they can cope with sex, which could be towards couples or how to talk to your teen about sex. Always remember follow your heart and you will succeed. When I first started talking about owing a Hair Salon some people though yea right ok, but let me tell you my hair salon did very well with me only investing a very small money amount. Times did get rough but I held my head up high and believed in myself and that made my hair salon a success for almost 6 years. Unfortunately things changed, father got real sick from cancer, and I was planning a marriage and having a baby so I decided to give it up for now and sell it.

Sex can be a very uncomfortable word for some women to talk about, but if you educate yourself more, open up more, and experience new ways of exploring sex with your partner you will feel more confident. Sex is a part of life, which is very enjoyable, but if you keep yourself all locked up inside and not allow your partner to know how you feel or what you like the sex can be very stressful. Therefore the sex will be more like a chore instead of being pleasure for you and your partner. Go to,, or to find out more about Pure Romance and the products they offer in the sex department. Tune in on Super Bowl Sunday at 10:00 to watch Mother Knows Sex on TLC. Hey what can be better you get watch the Super Bowl and then watch about sex.