If you hear a howling in the night or just see a group of confused goth kids with fox tails instead of chains at the local mall..you might have been Ware-wolfed.
Don’t call them Goths. It upsets them.
As one girl who’s apart of a Werewolf gang in San Antonio Texas states…
“All these other gangs..you know are just Posers.”
Yes it’s about as bad as ICP Clown congregation.

sexy vampireThe Alpha Male of the pack is a real scary guy. He had to prove his worth by decapitating the local suburban Golden Retriever and keeps its skull in his room. Real vicious those dogs.
AND with the cool eye contacts that they all have they might just be a pack of blindies since they most likely picked those up at the closest Hot Topic or Spenser’s. Kid’s at least Ebay some of that eyeliner and buy you some professional contacts that wont make you go blind.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer. At least you’ve taken some flack off of the backs of the Video Game Market and the D D; lovers.

Oh yes let’s not forget to mention that weather or not you are a vamp and or other dark whinny book lover or not it looks as if thats the only type of book you’ll be getting from the teen section on your visit to Barnes and Noble. I stood mesmerized at how many books in the teen section were pretty much the SAME book. There’s no doubt that other authors will always try to ride the success wave of another, but this is getting ridiculous! Its great that this is getting kids to read, but really, your seriously limiting my teen book section! ( ‘ahum’..not that I read much from there really. ok I lie, I do)…

I’ve saved the best for last. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the sparkling vampire dildo that you can toss in the fridge prior to getting the urge to um…well to…yeah, have sex with a freezing cold vampire. oh yay what fun. Personally I don’t know who would want frostbitten neither regions but whatever tickles your fancy I guess.