Gifts for the boss can be a make or break thing. It is the time where a boss gets an idea of what their employee thinks or knows of them. Generally a boss might expect to receive 2 gifts per year; one for their birthday, and another for Christmas. The problem comes in when, strange as it seems, some people do not have a clue about appropriate gifts. Some gifts say more about the giver than the person receiving it at times. So what gifts should not be given to a boss?

1) Sex Toys: Really there is no need to explain this, but this is definitely not a grey area. It is an absolutely no area. It may be for a gag gift, but those have a tendency of going really wrong. Second, do you really want your boss or co-workers to know that you buy these items? That could fall under the “TMI” category.

2) Lingerie: Going along with the sex toys, this is a no-no. It might be completely innocent, but the reality is, it can be misconstrued or lead to unwarranted gossip. Plus, is it really appropriate?

3) Political items: Unless it is a no-brainer who the boss stands with, an employer would be wise to stand away from political items or should find something which is completely neutral.

4) Religious gifts: Just like the political gifts, it may be too hard to figure out, so something inspirational or motivational might be a better option.

5) Money: This goes without saying for the most part, but some people pressed for time might be tempted to do it anyway. A smarter option might be a gift card from a place that the boss raves about often. Giving money gives the impression that no thought was taken.

In smaller companies it may seem like it would be okay, but really, gifts like these should not be handed out in front of peers. If there is a close relationship between the boss and an employee, they should exchange gifts like this privately.

Gift giving to a boss does not have to be a nightmare experience, but an employee should use wisdom in what they present. As with conversations, stay away from politics, religion, and money. The sex toys might seem like a great gag gift, but it is amazing how easily someone else might be offended by it.